Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kleenex Launches Cute PR Campaign

I am really excited to write this post on Kleenex's latest crack at public relations and their newest brand image. I saw Kleenex's new ad campaign on TV tonight. Take a look:

The "Softness Worth Sharing" campaign is really cool because it encourages you to go to the Kleenex website and send a specially designed Kleenex box to anyone across North America! FOR FREE! It's a "pass-it-along" campaign where you can trace how far the chain reaches.

Last night I sent a cute Kleenex box to my mom! And hopefully she'll follow suit and send one to someone else and so on... it's a cute idea, and 623841 packs have already been sent across North America! I love this sort of thing so I am excited to tell all my friends and watch the chain grow!

This publicity stunt is a great idea by Kleenex, and it definitely positions their newer brand image in consumers' minds. It makes me feel that Kleenex cares about relationships and spreading friendship this holiday season. After seeing this campaign, I feel Kleenex is "cute","caring" and "fun", oh and it makes me feel sentimental sending a surprise to my mom! I can't wait to hear her reaction!

Way to get the public involved, Kleenex!!


  1. This is awesome Lauren, I haven't seen this on TV yet! hopefully the person getting it doesn't think it's cause we think they need them haha. Good post!

  2. They sucked me in! I sent my sister a pack haha. It's the perfect size for your purse!